Our Story

Creating LUCA in under 6 months was an adventure. We wanted to make simple things beautiful and desirable; we strived for finesse, the importance of attention to detail. 10 years later, we understand the level of precision and gestures necessary to transform a shop into a whole experience, a vibrant place. Our journey has expanded into unique ventures such as Field Studies, our perfume brand inspired by our explorations, and Magnolia Rural, a rustic retreat nestled in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Now as Universo LUCA, a new chapter begins where we choose to explore the vast landscape that is design.

Poetry Bracelets

Each chain is sized to fit perfectly... creating a seamless piece on your wrist.

Stay with us

Rural Magnolia

Tucked neatly into the scenery of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, this strikingly modern home was restored & designed by Laura Lugo & Roberto Sánchez as a haven for weekend getaways and intimate gatherings.