Field Studies

The notion that a series of notes can transport you to a moment, which only exists in your memory or your imagination is a very attractive concept. In the present, to me, that place is the Ridge — the Toro Negro Forest — but maybe to the end user it’s the library, or the memory of physical contact. This and all our future compositions are open to interpretation and guided by experiences of the wearer, and even the spectator, because every body has a story. 

The Pixie Dust

It began by playing with an idea… “If LUCA was a perfume, what would it smell like? How would it look like?” So I made a list and made sure it had something warm, mineral and inviting… something salty, smooth, skin-like, clean and, very important, amber. At the end of the day, LUCA is so many things… wood, grass, earth, lightness, citric, concrete, cotton, timeless, minimalism.

I wanted to put something out there that represents me from a very personal perspective and, at the same time, something tangible. Needless to say, Exploration Nº1 has many layers of complexity, but entering into this new category — with a naiveté perspective — has its advantages. Working alongside an aromatic laboratory, I was introduced to the necessary elements to play. At the briefing, I wanted to communicate what LUCA smelled like but after my first encounter, the story evolved to enunciate something more intimate and timeless.

— Laura Lugo

Toro Negro

Located in the Cordillera Central region of the island, Toro Negro is one of the 21 forests that make up the public forest system in Puerto Rico.