Layering Oil

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A modern way to enhance our successful perfume oil, Exploration: Nº1 — a unique fragrance inspired by the Island’s forests, its diversity and many complexities. 

We launched Field Studies as a way share memorable destinations, moments and experiences via scent. 

Our latest journey is Layering Oil, a series of single note perfumes for you to blend with the Exploration: Nº1. “Layering Oil allows you to create a scent that is unique. It's a modern way to approach the perfume” Laura explains “as the scent is customized by the end user” she adds. 

How to Layer? 

Start with the base, Exploration: Nº1, a fossilized amber and light musk scent to create a mystical base swathed by undertones of cedar wood.

Select your Layering Oil: Bergamot, Yuzu, or Vetiver — or use all three. 

Bergamot and Yuzu, both citric notes, are a lovely way to illuminate the deeper scents that distinguish Exploration: Nº1. 

If the wearer would like to further amplify the wood and amber notes of the perfume, Laura recommends layering with Vetiver, sourced from Haiti; do so gradually - so that it wont conceal the base scent. For Lugo “scent is such an attractive challenge, it’s very personal and subjective” and Layering Oil accentuates this intimate journey.


Vetiver sourced from Haiti

Haitian Vetiver has an aroma that is deep, heavy, slightly sweet and resinous, with pronounced woody, earthy, root-like notes and light smoky undertones.


Bright, strong, faintly floral, aromatic citrus with a back-note that becomes a balsamic sweetness in the dry-down


Green, fresh, sweet, mouth-watering aroma, with bright, citrusy top notes; has a somewhat warm, floral aspect that develops in the drydown.

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