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This Valentine's Day, immerse yourself in a world of romantic indulgence with an exclusive creation from LUCA, in collaboration with the famed Panoteca San Miguel. We've woven together a tale of love and luxury, inspired by a cherished Roman tradition, to bring you an extraordinary culinary masterpiece.

Introducing the Maritozzo - a perfect blend of exquisite patisserie and refined jewelry. Each of our lovingly crafted maritozzos pays homage to the ancient Roman custom of gifting these sweet confections to one's heart's desire. Hidden within is a secret to be unveiled – a dainty chain graced with a beautifully crafted precious stone.

The allure of our Maritozzo lies in its delightful mystery. As the specific maritozzo containing the gemstone necklace remains unknown, each purchase is laced with anticipation and enchantment.

Ensuring both safety and the preservation of this sweet surprise, every necklace is thoughtfully enveloped in pink soy paper. This charming, edible wrap not only safeguards the jewelry but also adds an imaginative twist to your culinary experience.

Now available for pre-order, these enchanting maritozzos await your collection in-store on February 14th, just before noon. Relish in the excitement and wonder as you and your loved one uncover which maritozzo cradles the treasured stone.

Seize this unique opportunity to meld the artistry of fine patisserie with the splendor of elegant jewelry. Laura and Diego warmly invite you to a celebration of love and opulence with our Maritozzo - a confectionery jewel where each bite could reveal a timeless symbol of affection and connection.

In the heart of each Maritozzo, a hidden gem awaits, encased in mystery and allure. The stones within these elegant pastries are a diverse array of exquisite gems, each with its own unique beauty and charm. However, the thrill of this experience lies in the surprise – the stone that awaits you is a secret until the moment of discovery. Our selection includes the ethereal Moonstone, known for its captivating sheen; the enchanting Opal, shimmering with a play of colors; the bold and mysterious Onyx; the passionate Ruby, a symbol of love and vitality; the regal Sapphire, echoing the depths of the oceansand the dazzling Moissanite, known for its brilliant sparkle and fiery radiance. Each stone is a treasure in its own right, promising a moment of wonder and excitement as you unveil the hidden jewel in your Maritozzo.

The image below showcases the design of the charm.