St. Barbara Medal

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Hand painted porcelain medal depicting Saint Barbara. 

Saint Barbara is frequently depicted with miniature chains and a tower. As one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, she is a well-regarded saint, primarily recognized as the patron of armorers, artillerymen, military engineers, miners, and individuals working with explosives due to her legend's connection with lightning. She also holds a place as the patron saint of mathematicians. In a 15th-century French version of her story, Saint Barbara is credited with thirteen miracles, many of which highlight her protection, assuring her followers that they would have the opportunity to make confession and receive extreme unction before death.

Although legends outlining her life date back to the 7th century, the earliest references to her supposed 3rd-century existence emerged at that time. Veneration of Saint Barbara was widespread, particularly in the East, beginning in the 9th century. Due to doubts about the historical accuracy of her legend, she was removed from the General Roman Calendar during the 1969 revision, although she remains on the Catholic Church's list of saints.

Details: 14K Yellow 13x10 mm Oval Hand Painted Porcelain

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