Free Arm Button Jacket

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This jacket is made of Merino wool, one of the finest wools. Wear over a sweater as a jacket. Or on its own as a shirt. When it is cold, the fibers trap and insulate air. When it’s warm, they quickly release perspiration from the skin, keeping you at the proper temperature. Comfort in Winter and also in Spring and Fall. Smooth and soft to wear. Hard to believe it is 100% wool. Unisex. Woven and sewn in Japan.

Custom wool developed for its beautiful texture and warmth.This fabric is created in a woolen mill in Japan that has over 100 years of experience. Melton wools are traditionally used for coats and blankets because they are comfortable as well as wind and weather resistant. Merino wool doesn’t have the coarse, itchy feel of standard wool because merino fibers are much finer than standard sheep’s wool. Cultivated from merino sheep, this type of wool has superior shine and great breathability. Natural microscopic waves in the fiber give this material its ability to keep you warm.

The patterns are designed to fit as many bodies as they can. Less size variation also means less wasted fabric and less overproduction. These designs have always been non gendered. 


・100% merino wool.
・Do not machine wash.
・Do not bleach.
・Do not tumble dry.
・Iron medium heat (150˚C / 320˚F) max.
・Dry cleaning only (PCE only).