One Year Wall Calendar 2024

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Time is definitely real, but we can't see it.

Make time visible. Instead of chopping up time into months or weeks, this calendar shows the larger flow of time in a year. Stepping back to see a whole year at once is ideal for planning projects, travel, or even keeping track of special days. Once time is visible it's possible to actually use time the way we like, instead of saying, "There goes another year!" Put a calendar up on the wall, instead of closing it up in a computer or phone, and people will naturally share and coordinate their plans. The One Year Wall Calendar has just enough space to write a brief note for each day. Blends in at the office or at home. Happy planning! All Japanese holidays shown.

Slightly textured paper for just the right feeling when writing.
65% Cotton together with Elemental Chorine Free Pulp.

57x 45cm / 22.4 x17.5"