Objects Matter

Objects Matter

Objects Matter is a series dedicated to our designers. Here we explore their process, inspiration, and story. Read more to find out who is next!

With all that is happening locally and internationally, it makes sense that we are not focused on design and bespoke goods. But we interviewed five local designers that we are sure will rekindle that love. They share how they continue to work and produce their goods, with a positive outlook, for the future. 


Series 2: 

Meet Sally Torres Vega 

Sally Torres Vega is an established designer known for creating practical silhouettes woven with natural fibers and artisanal craftsmanship within an ethical approach. She's been creating her designs since 2008  and we've been collaborating since we opened our doors in 2013.  We spoke to Sally about her creative process and how her brand was born.

How/When was your first encounter with design? 

I had some sense fashion and everything that it involved, but I encountered design as a discipline during my time in art school, one of my professors handed me a book about Issey Miyake. I think that blew my mind.

When did you start designing? 

Since a kid, but formally in my 20s.

What was the first thing you ever made?

During college my tote bag broke, so I made one and painted some patterns on it, other people got interested and so I started selling. Then made other prototypes and presented them to local stores, in which I started to wholesale. I realized I loved the business part of it. So basically, I started with a bag.

Why and when did you decide it was time to launch your brand? How long have you been in business? 

In 2008 a had the opportunity to present in a major local fashion show for emerging designers, I thought it was a good time to formalize my brand. It's been 11 years of designing and creating.

Whats sort of things inspire your designs?

Designing from an island can make your choices a little limited, so I get inspired by other island living spaces, climate, body shapes, usage, materials I can get my hands on. My surroundings and people I meet are very important to my process.

Tell us about your creative process. How do you approach a new collection or design? Whats the first step? Walk us through  your creative and production process. 

My garments get done mostly by a transition processes, events or things I can encounter or daily living events. Like maybe needing bigger pockets or lighter fabrics. For example my maternity gave me a whole new approach towards designing, the expanding and shrinking of the body and how to create a garment that can last that process… things like that guide my creative process.

I start right where I left in the past collection, the need of a new color, or a new length. I like to play with fabric contrasts, it is a very hands on process rather than inspirational. I like to design  knowing what I have available.

Whats most important to you when designing?

That the finished garment is comfortable and enjoyable to wear. That it can be worn various ways. That it makes the wearer feel good. It's also important the longevity of the garment, that it can be passed on to future generations.

We would also love to know what are your favorite 

materials : cotton / linen
soundtrack : hard to choose, I vary a lot, depending on the mood
designer / hero : Issey Miyake
color combination : white and ivory
website: sallytorresvega.com
studio tool: uuhhhh….. scissors?
shape: square
artist or movement you most identify with: Louise Bourgeois, also love Ray Eames
everyday object: chairs
reference book 

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