Maru Maru Wind Chime

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Hand-made, brass wind chime/wind bell from Nousaku, manufactured using traditional casting techniques in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. You can appreciate the clear sound which can only be made by a brass wind bell. To accentuate the beauty of the material, Nousaku make each object one at a time on a turning wheel. A simple, elegant design….the piece expresses a perfect harmony of modern design and traditional technique.

The history of wind chimes in Japan:

A furin is a small Japanese wind chime, which is traditionally hung from the eaves of a house during the summer. The beautiful soothing sounds of Furin, or wind chimes are a symbol of summer in Japan, and are thought to have originated in China, and then arrived in Japan with Buddhism.

At the time it was believed that the sound of the chimes warded off evil spirits (and epidemics) and bought positive energy into the home.

The chimes are hung outside, or near the windows and people enjoy the soothing sounds they make when the wind blows. Many believe that the sound of the wind is a form of nature therapy, and that wind chimes can promote a relaxed, settled feeling.


Materials: Brass, Clapper (tanzaku) – Japanese paper.

Dimensions: 48mm Diameter x 42mm Height.

Weight -114grams

Caring for your brass wind chime: Do not rub with a metal polisher. The brass has been coated with a clear fixing finish, however, the colour may slightly fade over time – and this is a natural process for brass. Wipe with a soft cloth or a sponge after use. You can wash with diluted, gentle dishwashing detergent and lightly rub with a damp sponge/ cloth if needed. The slip is made of Japanese paper which is water resistant, but not waterproof. We recommend that you place the wind chime/bell indoors when the wind blows strongly.